My name is Moody.  Really, it’s my last name, but one friend in high school took to using that and the rest is history.  Go ahead, get the jokes out, I’ve heard them all before.  Extra points to anyone who has an original idea, though.

I grew up a military brat (I’m looking at you USMC) but got lucky when my Dad chose to retire when I was around 10.  Since then, Northern Virginia has been my stomping grounds.  I tried college, hated it, dropped out, and found out what my passion in life is.  Even though I haven’t reached that goal yet, it’s certainly closer each day.

I’m a bedroom musician with a passion for fitness.  I work as an Emergency Responder for a private company and also volunteer at a local fire department, the latter being what led me to living a healthy lifestyle.

That’s just a bit of my background, you’ll learn more with every post.

For more on what this blog is all about check out my first post here.

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