Up’s and Down’s

Posted: August 12, 2013 in fitness, health, motivation
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This week, I decided to be adventurous and go trail running.  Most of my running has been done on a treadmill, so actually covering ground felt awesome.  Running itself felt awesome.  Feeling awesome about feeling awesome about running felt awesome, say it slowly and it will make sense.

The root I stepped on did not feel awesome.




It felt like pain, disappointment, anger, silent mockery of my joy at running, and regret.

But mostly pain.

So, I hobbled myself the half mile back to where we were parked and I was about to give up.  I was going to resign myself to my fate of a rolled ankle and wallow in my own misery.  But that didn’t happen.

Have I mentioned how awesome work-out partners are?  It’s true, it’s science; they’re the shit.

He could tell I was angry, the litany of swear words may have clued him in.  He could tell I was disappointed, probably because I told him.  He could tell I felt bad I cut his workout in half, also because I’m an awesome communicator.

He said, “Dude, let’s go lift.”  And it was good.

I’ll admit that it may not have been the brightest idea.  I probably should have gone straight home and elevated, iced, and medicated my ankle.  But I didn’t and it felt manly as hell to have gone to the gym instead.

That being said, I took the next few days off from working out,  gave it the proper rest that it deserved, and posted the obligatory pictures of it on Instagram.  It’s still healing, but I can at least be active on it.


Now, I tell that story to illustrate a few things.

Number one; rest your injuries, don’t be stupid and do what I did because that could be dangerous.

Number two; get a work-out partner.

Number three; getting in shape is full of up’s and down’s.

That third one is my focus today.  Trials, tribulations, obstacles; whatever you want to call them – they are going to happen.  It’s not even a question.

You don’t have to watch the video below, unless you’re about to work out…then you should totally watch it.

My favorite part : “…it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get it and keep moving forward.” 

Cheesy?  Yup, but you can’t tell me that Rocky Balboa doesn’t occasionally have a way with words.  That statement, to me, sums up all of the challenges that come with getting healthy.

I read a lot of blogs and articles on being healthy and most of them focus on the physical challenges, much like my example above.  While those certainly are difficult things to overcome, it’s the mental struggle that is always the hardest.

Making the right choices with our food day in and day out, choosing to wake up and go work out rather than sleep in, saying no to getting drunk with our friends, choosing to rest an injury rather than make it worse; all of these things wear down our mental toughness and any of them can cause us to fail.

We will fail.  It’s inevitable.  But, as that quote says, it’s about taking the hit and moving forward.

So, move forward.



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