Gym Intimidation

Posted: July 25, 2013 in fitness, motivation
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It’s dumb.

I talk to plenty of people who don’t want to go to the gym because they “aren’t in shape.”  Pardon me, but don’t gyms exist to get us and keep us in shape?  Unfortunately, I was the exact same way.

Because, on the inside, we’re all just a bunch of high school kids who don’t want to be made fun of.

I worked out for almost a year at a tiny gym at my firehouse before I joined an actual gym.  While this served my needs, I could have made at least the same progress at a regular gym, but probably more.  I didn’t because I was embarrassed to be seen in a gym out of shape and weak.

If I could go back and change anything about what I’ve done, I would join a gym the second I started getting healthy and I would OWN THAT SHIT.

People want to waste their time at the gym judging you? Let them, because you aren’t stopping.  In a couple of months they’ll be the ones crying in a corner with no changes to their body while a beastly and in shape you is warming up with their max.

I know for many, it’s not about the other people; it’s the infinite amount of machines, weights, and weird dangly thingies from the ceiling that intimidate people.

“I don’t know what that is, but I am NOT doing it in public.”

I was lucky that I had my Dad, a retired Marine, around to show me the ropes of lifting weights.  I may have been fat and out of shape, but I was comfortable in a gym.  Someone who doesn’t have that kind of exposure is going to have to find another route, but all is not lost.

For a cheap option, find a friend.  You’ve got to know someone who works out somewhat regularly, see if they can’t help you out.  I’d be willing to bet they wouldn’t mind if they’re any type of friend at all.

Most gyms these days actually offer an introductory session that will get you familiar with the gym; they may even offer a few training sessions to help get you on the right path.  It’s not like your signing up for boot camp, usually it’s 3-5 sessions to help get you on track.

Also, people love to scoff at those organized classes gym’s offer.

Don’t.  Some of them have teeth and they bite.

Take a class or two, try a few things out.  The people who teach these classes are generally trainers themselves and the good ones will help you out if they see you struggling.

Gym’s are there for people to get healthy, not just for the already healthy people to stay that way.  Don’t let your high school ingrained insecurities keep you from finding a gym that’s right for you and getting to work.

Most of all, and easier said than done, don’t worry about what everyone else is doing in the gym.  I don’t care that the monster next to me is putting up the weight of an elephant while I’ve got my comparatively measly weights in my hands.  Everyone had to start somewhere.

Go in, focus on you, do work, and get out.  Results will come.



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