Fail to Fear

Posted: July 21, 2013 in fitness, motivation
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“I must not Fear.

Fear is the mind-killer.”

For those not familiar with it, that quote is from the science fiction book Dune by Frank Herbert and is the first part of a larger whole known as the Litany Against Fear.  I first read those words as a pre-teen and, while I did not truly comprehend the entire Dune series until I was older, those words stuck with me.  So much so, that I actually have those two lines tattooed on my arms.

I know, bask in my Nerdom.


While those words represent many parts of my life, I was surprised to find that they also apply to living a healthy lifestyle.  I’m not talking about a fear of being healthy, that would be an awful phobia if not for the fact that Twinkies and Krispy Kremes might be considered medicinal.

“I’m here to fill my prescription.”

“This is the bakery.”

“I’m aware, 2 dozen glazed please.”

What I’m really getting at, is a fear of failure.

Fear can paralyze us and that paralysis can be characterized in a variety of ways.  It can be a failure to act, a failure to follow through, or simply a failure to even try.

For me, my failure was in making excuses.  We’ve all heard them and we’ve all made them for many different parts of our lives.  My favorite was, “I don’t have enough time.”


Author’s Note:  I believe this article, by, sums up why that excuse is BS far better than I can.  Do yourself a favor and check the whole site out, it’s a great source of motivation and advice.

I had the time.  What I didn’t have was the motivation.  I had let my fear of failing prevent me from even starting.  Nobody wants to be that person who starts and then doesn’t finish.  Becoming healthy is so visible to our peers that it’s incredibly easy for them to see failure and for us to focus on that.

On the other side of that coin, it’s just as easy for them to see success.  I took those small bits of success, myself and others seeing my body change, and used them as fuel to defeat my fear of failing.

Along the way, though, I’ve had my fair share of hiccups and lapses in judgment that have set me back.  I’ve gotten better at avoiding those things but only because I had failed at some point and had learned from experience.

Failure is not an option, it is a step.


  1. […] We will fail.  It’s inevitable.  But, as that quote says, it’s about taking the hit and moving forward. […]

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