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Posted: July 16, 2013 in fitness, motivation
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Surprisingly, one of the biggest obstacles I’ve had in my journey hasn’t actually been me.  It’s been everyone else.

Because opinions.

Everyone’s got one.  I’m guilty; I’m writing a blog that’s all about my opinion, which almost makes this post awkward.  Almost.  The difference being, I’m not making you read this.  I am not standing next to you while you’re in the gym pleading with you to stop your weightlifting and try cross-fit, telling you that jogging is just a fad, or attempting to change your whole routine because of some article I skimmed through.

To those of you who do this, STAHP.


It’s both a blessing and a curse that the fitness community has so many people willing to offer advice.  On the one hand it’s so easy to get information on nutrition, workouts, and motivation.  On the other, and much like the internet, it’s easy to get a bunch of BS information.

“You mean horse tranquilizers won’t stimulate muscle growth?”

“No.   Also, you taking Viagra before the gym is making everyone uncomfortable.”

My earlier post kind of touched on the subject that you shouldn’t worry about what everyone else thinks of you or how you compare to them.  I, for example, am one goofy looking dude running on the treadmill with my size 15 feet pounding away, but I still hop on it every morning because I know it’s good for me, despite the terrified looks from other gym goers.  On the other side of that coin, I shouldn’t stare at the lady on the stair master as she rides each step all the way to the ground like a cheap carnival attraction.  I really can’t look away though, mostly out of jealousy.

Rule of thumb: Unless they are going to hurt themselves or somebody else, let it go.  Don’t go poking your nose into somebody else’s routine/choices because you think it’s your duty.  It’s not.

Even better, if it’s not in the gym, it’s in the grocery store.  Based on my shopping, cart I once had a cashier grill me on my diet.  I didn’t even know that was allowed, clearly I’m going back to the self-checkout lines.

Finally, if it’s not either of these places, it’s the people from the rest of your life.  Most of these people probably mean well, they aren’t out to get you.  But if they aren’t on the same journey you’re on and they are parroting advice from Dr. Oz, you should probably ignore them.

Above all, never second guess yourself because of others.  Find good information and figure out what’s right for you.  Don’t let some “bro” at the gym tell you how to work out and don’t let the lady at the cash register freak out because your cart doesn’t have a frozen and pizza and 3 liters of soda in it.

Do what you do.



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