Throw Away Your Scale

Posted: July 10, 2013 in fitness, health, motivation
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Seriously.  Do it.  At the very least, hide it.  Go into your bathroom, pick it up, make a note to clean up the outline it left behind, and hide the damn thing.  But if you are going to go full “Office Space” on it, send me a video.


If you’re just getting started on a fitness journey, and if you must, go ahead and weigh yourself one more time.  Remember that number, because you’ll never see it again.  When I started I weighed myself once and didn’t touch it again until 8 months later.

I can’t take credit for this stroke of genius, however.  My fitness mentor told me to do it and I hated it.  For about two weeks I kept wondering if I was making progress, I developed the nervous twitches of a drug addict.  But then one day I walked into the firehouse and one of the guys said, “Hey man, you losin’ weight?”

Screw that scale.

Then, a week or two later, my clothes started fitting differently.  Not much, but the shirts felt a little looser and the pants just weren’t quite right.  Yet another person, “Man, you’ve got mad jawline showing right now.”

Scales are for suckers.

My point is that weight is just a number.  It does not define success, it does not deign you healthy, and it sure as hell does not define you.  How you feel is what matters.  I’m sure I had dropped a couple of pounds in those first few weeks and maybe seeing that reflected on a scale would have made me feel good, I don’t know.  What I do know, is that I felt AWESOME when people noticed.  That took my journey out of the hypothetical ether and straight into the non-fiction section.

When I finally weighed myself 8 months later, while ecstatic at the actual progress I had made, the number didn’t mean all that much.  Frankly, everyone else cared about the number more than I did and I weighed myself simply to avoid anymore weird looks

“You don’t weigh yourself?  That’s against the rules.”

Another reason for hiding the scale is so that you don’t obsess over little things.  I’ve watched people freak out because of a stubborn one or two pound fluctuation that could have simply come from them weighing themselves at a different time of day, having their shoes on, or having just punished a trough of salad.

So, get rid of the scale.  Rely on what you see and how you feel to judge your progress.  As long as you keep making good choices and striving to be healthy, results will come.


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